Titel: Herinnering aan Petrus de Raadt
Auteur: Kramers, J.H.
Uitgave: Rotterdam: Kramers, 1863
Auteursrechten: Zie auteursrechten
Citeerinstructie: Bijzondere Collecties van de Universiteit van Amsterdam, UBM: IWO 674 D 42
Onderwerp: Pedagogiek: opvoeding binnen opvoedingsinstellingen
Trefwoord: 1800-1900, Pedagogen, Bibliografieën (vorm), Raadt, Petrus de
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   Herinnering aan Petrus de Raadt
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family, I now all at once, found myself loaded with
the care of my subsistence; I was to provide for myself
lodgings, food, to jjay iny bilfs and such kind .of little
things, which should be unworthy of noticing if they
did not show me the usefulness of a }oung man's getting
out into the world during his father's lifetime. At that
moment I felt that the being one's own master which
gives rise to such high expectations and pleasing hopes
in the breasts of young people is far from being that
which they usually think it to be. I was now sole
judge of my actions, I was now to choose my path
and to show myself worthy of the command placed into
nn, hiinds. My dear father, trusting in the excellent
education which he had given nie, with as much care
as tenderness, placed an unbounded coiitidence in ine,
and supplied me with inone} whenever I stood in need
of it. Thanks to God I have not deceived him and I
^ liave acted in his absence as I would have done in his
immediate presence.
On the l'»' of .\u"'ust 1 removed to Edmonton, a
O '
village (6 miles from IShoreditch church, Bishopsgate-
street) which though situated in a valley, yet is not in
an unpleasant situation. I shall all my lifetime grate-
fully remember this spot, as it is here I have acquired
during a 12 inontii stay that little knowledge which 1
ijiay now pcjsisess of the language, the history auil the
government of this very remarkable people.
I SI«.
On the 20"' of June I81t) I left Edmonton in order