Titel: Herinnering aan Petrus de Raadt
Auteur: Kramers, J.H.
Uitgave: Rotterdam: Kramers, 1863
Auteursrechten: Zie auteursrechten
Citeerinstructie: Bijzondere Collecties van de Universiteit van Amsterdam, UBM: IWO 674 D 42
Onderwerp: Pedagogiek: opvoeding binnen opvoedingsinstellingen
Trefwoord: 1800-1900, Pedagogen, Bibliografieën (vorm), Raadt, Petrus de
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   Herinnering aan Petrus de Raadt
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seeing foreign countries, several causes concurred to make
that of knowing London very strong in me. Though
young, my heart had deejily felt the iron rod with
which the french tyrant had ruled my unhappy country,
tire violent exactions with which lie had afflicted its
wretched inhabitants, and particularly the cruel prevent-
ion of its former wealthy merchants from holding any
intercourse with the inhabitants of these isles. I had
deplored our common empoverishment as the fatal effect
of those despotic measures, and cursed the hand which
inflicted them; but as the knowledge that I had acquired
of the history of my country taught me that it cannot
support itself without the alliance of either the French
or English, and as that of the former proved so fatal,
I of course ijiuch wished for that of the latter, and
notwithstanding I did not know them, I loved them.
Moreover, as slavery was more personal to people of my
age, who were snatched away by a forcible hand from
their home, and exposed to all the miseries of life,
without any hope of relief, it was natural that, as the
danger grew nearer from day to day, my desire of
escaping from gaol and taking refuge into Britain the
only ])laee of safety, grew also stronger. At last deli-
verance was sent by Heaven. The ruffians tied; and
liberty was promised to us. But though the first cause
of my visiting this isle existed now no more, I still
wished for it, my desire being inflamed by the excellent
descriptions which I had read and the proud accounts,
which some of its inhabitants, whom I had met with
in Holland, had given me of this vast metropolis.
Accustomed as T was to ease, to pleasure and to jjass
the most of my time in the cheerful company of my