Titel: Herinnering aan Petrus de Raadt
Auteur: Kramers, J.H.
Uitgave: Rotterdam: Kramers, 1863
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Citeerinstructie: Bijzondere Collecties van de Universiteit van Amsterdam, UBM: IWO 674 D 42
Onderwerp: Pedagogiek: opvoeding binnen opvoedingsinstellingen
Trefwoord: 1800-1900, Pedagogen, Bibliografieën (vorm), Raadt, Petrus de
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   Herinnering aan Petrus de Raadt
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// the British coast, and were to be seen exposed for sale
H in the Roman market." It does not distinctly appear
by what means they were procured; but there was un-
questionably no small resemblance, in this particular
point, between the case of our ancestors and that of
tlie present wretched natives of Africa - for the histo-
rian tells you that adultery, witchcraft, and debt, were
probably some of the chief sources of supplying the
Roman market with British Slaves - that prisoners
taken in war, were added to the number - and that
there might be among them some unfortunate gamesters,
who , after having lost all their goods , at length staked
themselves, their wives, and their children. Every
one of these sources of slavery has been stated and al-
most precisely in the same terms, to be at this hour
a source of slavery in Africa. And these circumstances.
Sir, with a solitary instance or two of human sacrifices,
furnish the alleged proofs, that Africa labours under a
natural incapacity for civilization; that it is enthusiasm
and fanaticism to think that she can ever enjoy the
knowdledge and the morals of Europe; that Providence
never intended her to rise above a state of barbarism;
that Providence has irrevocably doomed her to be only
a nursery for slaves for us, free and civilized Europeans.
,\llovv of this j)rinciple, as applied to Africa, and I
should be glad to know why it might not also have
been applied to ancient and uncivilized Britain. Why
might not some Roman senator, reasoning on the prin-
ciples of some honourable gentleman, and pointing to
British barbarians, have .predicted with equal boldness,
n There is a people that will never lise to civilization -
// there is a people distined never to be free - a peojile