Titel: Nieuwe leerwijze der Engelsche taal
Deel: Tweede cursus
Auteur: Gerdes, E.
Uitgave: Amsterdam: P.N. van Kampen, 1856
Auteursrechten: Zie auteursrechten
Citeerinstructie: Bijzondere Collecties van de Universiteit van Amsterdam, UBM: P.B. 580 : 1e dr. (dl. II)
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   Nieuwe leerwijze der Engelsche taal
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advance with his club firmly clenched in both hands, and
swinging over his head, like a quarter-stafi". The gaunt
old wretch, by the increased malignancy of his eye, the
grinding of his teeth, and the wrinkles on his narrow
brow, was evidently proceeding to attack me. My car-
bine , cocked, was in my left hand, but ere I could get
it to my shoulder, he made one huge stride, and his
club was descending on my head, when , stepping a pace
back, I discharged my piece under his loft arm-pit,
lodging the whole contents in his body. He sprung up
into the air, and , before I could retire, fell slap upon me.
With some difficulty I extricated myself, and saw that
my ball had passed right through him, entering his
heart, as I suppose, which had caused that convulsive
spring. He bled profusely.
I then went into his house. It differed little in the
interior from those of the other natives of the island,
only it had a greater degree of neatness and appearance
of comfort. At one end of it was a partition, very in-
geniously fastened, a security , I conjectured, against thie-
ves when he was absent. There was good store of roots
and fruits, carefully spread out to prevent their rotting.
Hearing musquets discharged, and voices hallooing, I
was surprised at finding I was much nearer the sea than
I had anticipated; but on retracing my steps, I account-
ed for it, by the circuitous path the wild man had taken
me to his abode. I hastened back to the beach, and
found Van and his canoe. He had been directed to the
spot by the men of our boat, which was now drawing
nigh; then, alarmed at not seeing me, together with the
report of my carbine, he ordered musquets to be fired.
• Well met. Van" said I, here I have procured you a
magnificent subject to work upon." I then told him of
my encounter with the wild man.