Titel: Nieuwe leerwijze der Engelsche taal
Deel: Tweede cursus
Auteur: Gerdes, E.
Uitgave: Amsterdam: P.N. van Kampen, 1856
Auteursrechten: Zie auteursrechten
Citeerinstructie: Bijzondere Collecties van de Universiteit van Amsterdam, UBM: P.B. 580 : 1e dr. (dl. II)
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   Nieuwe leerwijze der Engelsche taal
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ripe; and gathering a plantain, which did not readily
peel, he threw it away. He now made many turns, I
following him as close as I could, without risking dis-
covery, till he came to an open piece of ground, which
had been neatly levelled, the grass, weeds, and bushes
cleared away, and in one corner, under the shelter of a
remarkably thick and beautiful tree covered with white
blossoms, I observed a neat hut, built of canes wattled
I looked round with admiration, marvelling at the good
taste with which the recluse had selected a place for his
hermitage. On one side was a rocky bank, covered with
tamarind and wild nutmeg, perfuming the air. There
was an excavation in the lower part of the bank, partially
screened by three tall, straight-stemmed betel-trees, with
their shining, silvery-white bark; they shone resplendently-
beautiful, and looked like the Graces of the forest. At
the back of the hermitage was a wild waste of jungle,
in which I distinguished tamarind, nutmeg, cactus, acacia,
banyans, and the dark foliage of the bamboo.
The old savage, having laid the bundle of young fir-
trees against his dwelling, stooped down and entered the
low door on his hands and knees; for the palmetta-leaved
roof came down to within two feet of the ground. While
I was attentively surveying and marking the spot, deter-
mined on visiting it again, and endeavouring to look into
the hut, under cover of a thick bush on the margin of
the cleared space, a rustle among the bushes made me
turn my eyes to the ground, when I saw the diamond-
like eye, sparkling from the black, square head of a
cobra-di-capella. I shouted out, and the snake, without
appearing alarmed, slowly retreated into the opposite
I turned round, and was startled at seeing the roan