Titel: Nieuwe leerwijze der Engelsche taal
Deel: Tweede cursus
Auteur: Gerdes, E.
Uitgave: Amsterdam: P.N. van Kampen, 1856
Auteursrechten: Zie auteursrechten
Citeerinstructie: Bijzondere Collecties van de Universiteit van Amsterdam, UBM: P.B. 580 : 1e dr. (dl. II)
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   Nieuwe leerwijze der Engelsche taal
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as these to do my labour, I will put his own neck into
the yoke, and make him drag the burdens himself."
There was a friend of Macduff who heard these angry
expressions of the King, and hastened to communicate
them to the Thane of Fife, who was walking in the hall
of the King's castle while dinner was preparing. The
instant, that Macduff heard what the King had said, he
knew he had no time to lose in making his escape , for
whenever Macbeth threatened to do mischief to any one,
he was sure to keep his word.
So Macduff snatched up from the table a loaf of bread,
called for his horses and his servants, and was galloping
back to his own province of Fife before Macbeth and the
rest of the nobility were returned to the castle. The first
question which the King asked was, what had become of
Macduff? and being informed that he had fled from Dun-
sinane, he ordered a body of his guards to attend him,
and mounted on horseback himself to pursue the thane,
with the purpose of putting him to death.
Macduff, in the mean time, fled as fast as horses' feet
could carry him; but he was so ill provided with money
for his expenses, when he came to the great ferry over
the river Tay, he had nothing to give to the boatmen,
who took him across, excepting the loaf of bread which
he had taken from the King's table. The place was call-
ed , for a long time afterwards, the Ferry of the Loaf.
When Macduff got into his province of Fife, which is
on the other side of the Tay, he rode on faster than be-
fore , towards his own castle of Kennoway, which, as I
told you, stands close by the seaside, and when he
reached it, the King and his guards were nor far behind.
Macduff ordered his wife to shut the gates of the castle,
draw up the draw-bridge, and on no account permit the
King or any of his soldiers to enter. In the mean time,