Titel: Nieuwe leerwijze der Engelsche taal
Deel: Tweede cursus
Auteur: Gerdes, E.
Uitgave: Amsterdam: P.N. van Kampen, 1856
Auteursrechten: Zie auteursrechten
Citeerinstructie: Bijzondere Collecties van de Universiteit van Amsterdam, UBM: P.B. 580 : 1e dr. (dl. II)
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   Nieuwe leerwijze der Engelsche taal
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The emperor having descended from the tower, came
forward, with the queen, and many ladies, to examine
Mr. Gulliver more minutely. He had ordered his cooks
and butlers to prepare ten waggon loads of meat and ten
of wine; and he and his attendants sat at some distance
to see him dine. He suffered Gulliver to take him up
into the palm of his hand, after having drawn his sword
to defend himself if he should not be used kindly.
The emperor spoke often to Mr. Gulliver, and he as
often answered him, but all to no purpose, for they
could not understand one another. "When the court with-
drew , he was left with a strong guard, to prevent the
impertinence of the rabble, many of whom, supposing he
would devour all the victuals in the country, had the
audacity to shoot their arrows at him; but the colonel
ordered six of them to be seized, and delivered into his
hands; they were immediately bound, and pushed towards
him; he placed them upon his right hand, and made a
sign as if he would eat them up alive; they were greatly
affrighted and squalled terribly when they saw him take
out his knife, but afterwards looking mildly, and cutting
the strings with which they were bound, he placed them
gently on the ground, and away they ran as fast as they
were able. This mark of clemency was represented much
to his advantage at court.
For a fortnight he lay upon the naked pavement of his
house, which was smooth stone; during which time six
hundred beds were brought in carriages, and worked up
within the building; one hundred and fifty were sown
together in breadth and length; and these were four
double, which, however, was barely sufficient to relieve
him from the hardness of the floor; and in the same
manner also , he was provided with sheets, blankets and