Titel: Leerboek der Engelsche taal naar Ollendorff's methode
Deel: 4e stukje
Auteur: Stevens, J.
Uitgave: Amsterdam: Schalekamp, Van de Grampel en Bakker, 1871
Auteursrechten: Zie auteursrechten
Citeerinstructie: Bijzondere Collecties van de Universiteit van Amsterdam, UBM: Obr. 8321
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   Leerboek der Engelsche taal naar Ollendorff's methode
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212. Ue who is found less guilty than ear-
Hij, die wordt bevonden minder schuldig dan ver-
pected, is generally considered more in-
wacht (werd), wordt gewoonlijk beschouwd onschul-
nocent than he is.
diger, dan hij is.
215. Be sociable, bul throw not your linie away.
Wees gezellig, maar werp niet uw tijd weg.
244. To make a right use of liberty and inde-
Te maken een goed gebruik van trijheid en onaf-
pendence, more wisdom is required than the
hankelijkhi>iil. meer wijsheid wordt vcreischt dan de
multitude imagine.
menigte zich verbeeldt.
The more experience we have of the world, the more thai
experience should show us, how little is in the power of
riches '; for what indeed truly desirable can they bestou;
upon usl Can they give beauty to the deformed strength ^
to the weak, or health to the infirm ' ? Surely, if they could,
we should not see so many ill-favoured ^ faces haunting '
the assemblies of the great, nor would such numbers ' of
feeble ® wretches ^ languish '" in their coaches '' and pala-
ces '2, Can they prolong their own possession, or lengthen
his days who enjoys them? So far otherwise ' ^ tJuit the
sloth the luxury ' the care which attend '' them,
shorten the lives of millions, and bring them, with pain and
misery to an uritimely grave Where, then is their va-
lue, if they can neither embellish nor strengthen ' ' our
forms'^", sweeten nor prolong our lives'} Again; can tluiy
adorn ^^ the mind^^ more than the body? Do tiwy not
I other swell ^ ® the heart with vanity ^ ^, puff' ^ up the cheeks
with pride, shut our ears lo every call of virtue, and our
bowels to every motive of compassion ' ^ ?
( Fielding J