Titel: Nieuw Engelsch lees-, leer- en vertaalboek voor eerstbeginnenden
Auteur: Lagerwey, J.; Ludolph, L.J.C.
Uitgave: Gorinchem: J. Noorduyn en zoon, 1863
5e, verb. dr.
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Citeerinstructie: Bijzondere Collecties van de Universiteit van Amsterdam, UBM: Obr. 5818
Onderwerp: Taal- en letterkunde naar afzonderlijke talen: Engelse taalkunde
Trefwoord: Engels, Leermiddelen (vorm)
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   Nieuw Engelsch lees-, leer- en vertaalboek voor eerstbeginnenden
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Love Dot sleep, lest thou come to poverty: open thine
eyes and thou s lalt be satisfied with bread.
Train up a child in the way he should go, and when
he is old he will not depart from it.
Rob not the poor because they are poorj neither op-
press the afflicted in the gate: for the Lord will plead
their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them.
Be not amongst wine-bibbers; amongst riotous eaters
of flesh: for the drunkard and the glutton shall come to
poverty, and drowsiness shall clothe a man with rags.
If thine enemy be hungry give him bread to eat, and
if he be thirsty give him water to drink: for thou shalt
heap coals of fire upon his head, and the Lord shall re-
ward thee.
He, who has no rule over his own spirit, is like a
city, that is broken down and without walls.
Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also
be like unto him.
Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? — there is
more hope of a fool than of him.
Woe to thee, 0 land, when thy king is a child. Blessed
art thou, 0 land, when thy king is the son of nobles.
Rejoice, 0 young man, in thy youth, and let thy
heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth, and walk in the
ways of thy heart, and in the sight of thine eyes: but
know thou, that for all these things, God will bring thee
into judgment.
Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Pear
God, and keep his commandments; for this is the whole
duty of man: for God shall bring every work into judgment,
with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether
it be evil.
To be good is to be happy.