Titel: Nieuw Engelsch lees-, leer- en vertaalboek voor eerstbeginnenden
Auteur: Lagerwey, J.; Ludolph, L.J.C.
Uitgave: Gorinchem: J. Noorduyn en zoon, 1863
5e, verb. dr.
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Citeerinstructie: Bijzondere Collecties van de Universiteit van Amsterdam, UBM: Obr. 5818
Onderwerp: Taal- en letterkunde naar afzonderlijke talen: Engelse taalkunde
Trefwoord: Engels, Leermiddelen (vorm)
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   Nieuw Engelsch lees-, leer- en vertaalboek voor eerstbeginnenden
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pa-iiion, and the friend of man; and liappy is he, who
finds a friend as true and faithful as this animal, who will
rather die by the side of his master, than take a bribe of
a stranger to betray him. No other animal is so much
the eom-pa-nion of man as the dog. The dog understands
his master by the tone of his voice; nay, even by his
looks, he is ready to obey him.
Dogs are very ser-vice-a-ble to man. A dog will conduct
a flock of sheep, and will use no roughness than to those
which straggle, and then merely to bring them back. The
dog is said to be the only animal who always knows his
master, and the friend of his family; who dis-tin-guish-es
a stranger as soon as he arrives; who understands his own
name, and the voice of the domestics; and who, when
he has lost his master, calls for him by cries and la-men-
ta-tions. A dog is the most sa-ga-cious animal we have,
and the most capable of e-du-ca-tion. In most dogs the
sense of smelling is keen: a dog will Imnt his game by
the scent; and in following his master, he will stop where
tlie roads cross, try which way the scent is strongest, and
then pursue that.
9. Tlie Ass.
The ass is humble, patient, and quiet. — Why should
a creature so patient, so innocent, and so useful, be
treated with contempt and cruelty? The ass is strong,
hardy, and temperate, and less delicate than the horse;
but he is not so sprightly and swift as that noble and ge-
nerous animal. He is often rendered stupid and dull by
unkind treatment, and blamed for what rather deserves
our pity.
10. m Lion.
This noble animal has a large head, short round ears,
a shaggy mane, strong limbs, and a long tail tufted at the