Titel: Nieuw Engelsch lees-, leer- en vertaalboek voor eerstbeginnenden
Auteur: Lagerwey, J.; Ludolph, L.J.C.
Uitgave: Gorinchem: J. Noorduyn en zoon, 1863
5e, verb. dr.
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Citeerinstructie: Bijzondere Collecties van de Universiteit van Amsterdam, UBM: Obr. 5818
Onderwerp: Taal- en letterkunde naar afzonderlijke talen: Engelse taalkunde
Trefwoord: Engels, Leermiddelen (vorm)
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   Nieuw Engelsch lees-, leer- en vertaalboek voor eerstbeginnenden
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shall not com-plain, nei-ther will I al-low you to re-main
at home. You must o-bey me and your mo-ther.
" While you are at school, your mas-ter acts in my
place. He is your friend, and will teach you to be a
clever fel-low, if you at-tend to the ad-vice, which he is
al-ways rea-dy to give. You say, that you do not like
his scold-ing; if you will lis-ten to me, I can instruct
you, how to a-void all of which you com-plain." — "I
as-sure you, fa-ther," cried Hen-ry, "I wish to have
your ad-vice, for I am far from be-ing happy at present."
"It is a mat-ter of sur-prise to me, my dear child,"
said Hen-ry's fa-ther, "that you have not thought, on the
way to be hap-py, of which I have told you a-gain and
a-gain. It is by do-ing your du-ty, my boy, or, in o-ther
words, act-ing right and well. Do thus, and you will be
at peace and hap-py. At-tend to what will please your
mas-ter, and of-fend him no more.
"For in-stance, you say, that you did not lay your
books by, nor did you take off your hat, you left the
door o-pen, and you went too late in-to the school-room;
each of these faults has brought a-gainst you se-vere com-
plaints. Now, for the time to come, ne-ver for-get to
put your books in or-der, be-fore you leave them; ne-ver
en-ter the room with-out taking off your hat; al-ways
shut the door af-ter you, and be in time at school.
"If you at-tend to these rules, your mas-ter will not
com-plain in fu-ture of such mat-ters. In a-ny o-ther case,
ob-serve what your mas-ter re-quires, and take care to
o-bey him. You may thus save your-self from be-ing
scold-ed, and pro-ceed in your tasks with plea-sure!"
The jus-tice of this ad-vice dwelt on the mind of Hen-ry,
and he never for-got to fol-low it. In-stead of re-buke,
he now re-ceives kind-ness. He sheds no more tears on
liis re-turn home, makes no com-plaints; but is pleas-ed,
c'heer-ful and happy.