Titel: The history of Robinson Crusoe abridged: for the use of schools and private instruction
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Uitgave: Amsterdam: G. Portielje and son, 1855
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   The history of Robinson Crusoe abridged: for the use of schools and private instruction
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Having now got his kitchen ready, he went to the
shore to search for some oysters; hut instead of
oysters he found there a large turtle which caused
him an exceeding great joy. He took it on his shoul-
ders and carried it to his cottage where he killed it,
and cut off a large piece to roast. He put it on the
spit, and labour having sharpened his appetite, he
longed with impatience for its being done enough
to eat it.
Thinking on the means of preserving the remainder
of his turtle from spoiling he came to a singular
idea. The shell of the turtle was in shape somewhat
like a bowl. "This I will make use of as a tub,"
said he: "I will sprinkle this nieat with seawater,
and that will have the same effect as if it were lying
in brine."
"lla! ha! excellent!" he exclaimed, and his joy
made him turn the spit much quicker than before.
The roast being done enough Robinson began to eat.
"Oh!" said he, after having eaten a piece with much
taste: "if I had now a piece of bread with this!"
Soon after he thought of the potatoes which he had
seen on his island. He went to the place where they
were growing, and having filled his game-bag with
them, he directly returned home and laid some of
them in the hot embers to bake. " These will serve as a
substitute for bread ," said he, leaping with joy.
After the repast Robinson went a hunting and
killed several lamas. "But what is to be done now
with all that meat?" said hetohimself; "I will con-
struct my kitchen in such a manner that I can dry
and smoke some pieces of meat in it." He iiSrhedi-
ately went to his kitchen to consider what he should
do to put his plan into execution. He saw very soon
that it would do very well. He had only to make
two holes in the side-walls; he did so and put a