Titel: Hints and questions for the use of candidates, lower instruction English
Auteur: Hoog, W. de
Uitgave: Dordrecht: J.P. Revers, 1890 *
Auteursrechten: Zie auteursrechten
Citeerinstructie: Bijzondere Collecties van de Universiteit van Amsterdam, UBM: Obr. 4878
Onderwerp: Taal- en letterkunde naar afzonderlijke talen: Engelse taalkunde
Trefwoord: Engels, Leermiddelen (vorm)
* jaar van uitgave niet op de gebruikelijke wijze verkregen, mogelijk betreft het een schatting
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   Hints and questions for the use of candidates, lower instruction English
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To shield from. To stock with. To tarry for.
shiver with. stoop to. taste of.
shoot at. stop at. taunt with.
show to. store with. tax with.
shrink at (from). storm at. tear from.
shudder at. stray from. teem with.
shut out, from. strike at. temporize with.
shy at. strip of (from). tend to.
sicken at. strive for. terminate in.
sigh after (for). stuff with. testify to (against).
sink into. struggle for. thicken into.
sit at. subject to. think of, about.
smack of. submit to. thirst for (after).
smell of. subscribe to. throb with.
smile at (on). subsist on. throw at.
smother with. subtract from. tie to.
snap at. succeed in (to). totter with.
snarl at. sue for. touch on.
snatch at. suffer for. trace to.
sneer at. suffocate with. trade in.
sparkle with. suggest to. traffic in.
speak of (about, to. summon to. transfer to.
with). supply with. transform into.
spend on. surrender to. translate into.
spit at (on). surround by (with). transmit into.
spring from. suspect of. transmute into.
stake on. swarm with. transport to.
stand to (in). swear to. tread on.
stare at. swell into. treat of (on).
start from, at, for. swerve from. tremble at (with).
startle at. trespass on (against).
starve with. Take for (to, after). triumph in (over).
stay for. take care of. trouble about.
steal upon (from). take offence at. truckle to.
stick to (at). talk of (about). trust to, in.
stifle with. tamper with. turn to (into).
stir up, to. tap at. twit with.