Titel: Hints and questions for the use of candidates, lower instruction English
Auteur: Hoog, W. de
Uitgave: Dordrecht: J.P. Revers, 1890 *
Auteursrechten: Zie auteursrechten
Citeerinstructie: Bijzondere Collecties van de Universiteit van Amsterdam, UBM: Obr. 4878
Onderwerp: Taal- en letterkunde naar afzonderlijke talen: Engelse taalkunde
Trefwoord: Engels, Leermiddelen (vorm)
* jaar van uitgave niet op de gebruikelijke wijze verkregen, mogelijk betreft het een schatting
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   Hints and questions for the use of candidates, lower instruction English
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Notorious for. Poor in. Refreshed with.
Numb with. Possessed of. Regardful of.
Possible for. Regardless of.
Obedient to. Posterior to. Related to.
Obligatory on. Precise in. Relative to.
Obnoxious to. Predictive of. Remarkable for.
Obsequious to. Preferable to. Remote from.
Observant of. Pregnant with. Renowned for.
Obvious to. Prejudiced against. Replete with.
Odious to. Prejudicial to. Repugnant to.
Offended at. Preliminary to. Requisite to (for).
Offensive to. Preparative to. Resentful of.
Ominous of. Present at. Responsible for.
Open to. Previous to. Rich in.
Opposite to. Prior to. Rid ot.
Oppressed with. Privy to. Rife with.
Overjoyed with. Prodigal of. Ripe for.
Overwhelmed with. Productive of. Rude to.
Owing to. Proficient in.
Profitable to. Sacred to.
Pale with. Profuse of (in). Sad at.
Palpable to. Prompt in (to). Safe from.
Parallel to (with). Prone to. Saving of.
Paramount to. Proof against. Second to.
Partial to. Proper for. Secure of (from).
Particular in. Prophetic of. Sensible of.
Patient of. Proportionable to. Separate from.
Payable at (on, to). Proud of (to). Serviceable to.
Peculiar to. Punctual in (to). Severe with (to, upon).
Perfidious to. Pursuant to. Shocked at.
Pernicious to. Short of.
Perpendicular to. «luick at. Shy of.
Pervious to. Qualified for. Sick of.
Piqued at. Significant of.
Pleassant to. Ilapt with. Similar to.
Pleased with. Ready for (at). Skilful ill (at).
Polite to. Refractory to. Skilled in.