Titel: Engelsch leesboek voor eerstbeginnenden, benevens een woordenboekje
Auteur: Gedike, Friedrich
Uitgave: Deventer: J. de Lange, 1853
6e verb. dr
Opmerking: Vert. van: Englisches Lesebuch für Anfänger, nebst Wörterbuch und Sprachlehre. - 1795
Auteursrechten: Zie auteursrechten
Citeerinstructie: Bijzondere Collecties van de Universiteit van Amsterdam, UBM: Obr. 4089
Onderwerp: Taal- en letterkunde naar afzonderlijke talen: Engelse taalkunde
Trefwoord: Engels, Leermiddelen (vorm)
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   Engelsch leesboek voor eerstbeginnenden, benevens een woordenboekje
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with whom he was so much in love, that, un-
willing to leave her, he feigned himself mad, in
order to be excused going to the siege of Troy;
but, this device being discovered, he was com-
pelled to embark for Ilion. He was the most
artful and subtle of all the Greeks. During those
ten years of his absence at Troy, Penelope had
several lovers; but she gave encouragement to
none; so that even now, when a woman is com-
mended for chastity, she is called a Penelope.
After the destruction of Troy, Ulysses was
several years before he reached his kingdom,
being tossed about by tempests and various ac-
cidents. The voyages of Ulysses have been the
subject of a very fine poem, written 2) by Ho-
mer, in Greek, and called the Odyssey. Ulysses
had one son, whose name was Telemachus.
1) to go. 2) to write.
5. Hector.
Hector was son to Priam, and the bravest of
the Trojans; Andromache was his wife, and his
son's name Astyanax. He resolved to engage A-
chilles, who killed him, and then brutally fast-
ened his dead body to his car, and dragged it
in triumph round the walls of Troy.
After that city was taken, his wife, Andro-
mache, became captive to Pyrrhus, the son of
Achilles. He afterwards fell *) in love with,
and married her.
•) to fall.
6. Eneas.
Aeneas was a Trojan Prince, son of Anchises,
and of the goddess Venus, who protected him
in all the dangers he underwent *). His wife's
name was Creusa, by whom he had a son, called
Ascanius or Julus. When Troy was burnt, he
made his escape, and carried his father Anchises